ISSN: 0041-4247
e-ISSN: 2791-9714

Yılmaz Kurt

Keywords: Çukurova, ayan, Karslızâdeler, Hasanpaşazâde Ahmet Bey, Hasanpaşâzade Mehmet Bey, mukataa of Adana, mütesellim.


Hasanpaşazâdes is an ayan family that emerged in the 1750s as Karslızâdes. After Hasan Ağa, who was a member of the family, became the governor-general of Adana, the family began to be called as Hasanpaşazades and the most gorgeous days of the family were between the years of 1793-1812 when Ahmet Bey was ayan and mütesellim (exciseman) of Adana.

After the death of his brother Ahmet Bey, Mehmet Bey became the mütesellim of Adana in 1812. Since Mehmet Bey could not get along with the state and was banished, Hacı Ali Bey, son of Ahmet Bey, took over the duty of Adana Mütesellimliği.

Sixty documents scrutinized in this article are related to the first years of Ahmet Bey and indicate the relationship between the state and an ayan family and the active role of Ahmet Bey in the region by buying mukataas and iltizams. The berats of Ahmet Bey are crucial documents that indicate why and how an ayan family is appointed to position of mütesellimlik.

Hasanpaşazade ayan family’s lineage continued with İshak Efendi, mufti of Adana. Today, in the region, people who have surnames such as Ramazanoğlu, Ener, Tarımer, Oral, Uygur are the descendants of this family.