ISSN: 0041-4247
e-ISSN: 2791-9714

Abdullah Zararsız

Keywords: Morea Rebellion, Süleyman Penah, Muhsinzade Mehmed Paşa, Greek Rebellion.


The rebellion of the Morea, which began with the provocation of the Russians during the Ottoman- Russian War of 1768-74, quickly spread to the entire peninsula. After Muhsinzade Mehmed Pasha was brought to the military service, the rebellion was suppressed about two months later with the help of the ayan forces nearby. Süleyman Penah Efendi, who was in his hometown of Gastun during the rebellion, made a report on the process of the rebellion as well as the reforms to be carried out in Morea. There is no certainty to whom it was presented and it was recorded in the Ottoman Archive in İstanbul under the title “Mora Vakasına Dair Bir Zatın Yazdığı Tarih” in the classification of Kamil Kepeci and with the general number 60/1.

In this study, firstly, the development and suppression of the Morean Rebellion will be discussed in comply with the notes of Süleyman Penah; and then, his proposals for reform in Morea will be mentioned. Eventually, transcripton of the text will be provided.