ISSN: 0041-4247
e-ISSN: 2791-9714

The Editor makes sure that published content is safely archived. Without the author(s)' involvement, Belgeler distributes the published articles to open access electronic archives, making them fully accessible. A copy of the author's accepted article can be uploaded to the archive sites by the author or funding organization. Belgeler author license only authorizes reproduction for non-commercial use with full citation of the article. Our permission-requirement policy is in effect for commercial use. 

Belgeler commits to storing full-text content on archive platforms and its own website, as well as to keeping all of its articles accessible under the CC-BY-NC Creative Commons license.

Archive Policy: LOCKSS

Warehouse Policy: Publisher's Own Site

In keeping with its commitment to promoting the dissemination of research findings, Belgeler (ISSN: 0041-4247 | e-ISSN: 2791-9714) is pleased to announce its archive policy.

1) LOCKSS maintains a digital archive of articles published in Belgeler. The author can also access published works in any other repository without an embargo period, including the university's institutional archive (DSpace, AVESIS, etc.). Therefore, this journal is immediately available to everyone at no cost.

2) After an article is published, Belgeler permits authors to archive it on their personal websites and social media accounts as well as in institutional repositories (DSpace, AVESIS, etc.).

3) Authors may self-archive their articles in public and/or commercial subject-based repositories. There is no embargo period, but the published source must be cited and a link to the journal home page or DOI of the articles must be set.

4) Both authors and readers have access to the article's PDF file.

5) Belgeler permits embargo-free storage of all versions of articles (the submitted version, the accepted version, and the published version) at any institution or other archive of the author's choosing.

6) Belgeler enables the creation of permanent archives using the LOCKSS system. The LOCKSS program, which is based at the Stanford University Libraries, offers libraries and publishers award-winning, inexpensive, open-source digital preservation technologies to guarantee access to authorized and permanent digital content. A digital preservation system run by libraries, the LOCKSS initiative is based on the idea of "securing a great number of copies." Using open-source, end-to-end digital preservation software, the LOCKSS program creates and supports libraries.


Published Version

Publication Type: Open Access




Embargo Period: No embargo period is in effect.

Open Access License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Copyright Holder: Copyright of the articles published in the journal belongs to the authors and the right of commercial use belongs to the publisher.

Archive Location: Journal Website, Crossref, Author's Personal Website, Public and/or Commercial Subject-Based Archives.

Policy Terms: Citation guidelines and standards should be followed while citing the journal. With a DOI, it ought to be connected to the publisher's version.

Version Accepted at the End of the peer review process

Embargo Period: None

Archive Location: Journal Website.

Copyright Holder: The publisher.

The submitted version

Embargo Period: None

Archive Location: Journal Website.

Copyright Holder: The publisher.

Permanent Identifier: DOI

Belgeler gives each article a DOI.


Article metadata must have ORCID IDs in order to be accepted by Belgeler. An alphanumeric code called an ORCID ID is used to uniquely identify authors.

In accordance with I4OC guidelines, Belgeler shares the references. I4OC standards demand that references be organized, discrete, and comprehensible.

Fee Policy

The Turkish Historical Society covers all costs associated with Belgeler. There is no charge for the publication of papers or the processing of articles. Articles submitted to the journal or accepted for publication are not subject to a processing or submission fee. Referees and authors get paid.